Potluck: 8.15.2017


The potluck supper

is a great idea in theory:

everyone brings a dish to share

and you end up with a feast.


But in practice it can be

a difficult affair

to orchestrate and to attend.

What if the dishes clash?


What if everyone brings lasagna?

What if your signature soup

melts the plastic

spoons and bowls?


There are rules to follow

for the perfect potluck.

When deciding what to bring,

please do consider


your contribution’s appeal

to the majority of other guests.

It must be ready to serve

when you arrive at the party,


a gathering in which

chances must be taken

that whatever is available

will prove to be good


or at least acceptable.

Some pots aren’t so lucky.

Some guests never get invited.

Some stay home by choice


with reheated leftovers

exactly as expected

eaten right out of the pot

the one that has no lid.

                           –   G.Mirollo 8/15/2017

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