Bask: 6.10.16

by jade crystal harmon


1. Before the battery runs out, describe the ripe mango you ate by yourself, slice by slice.

2. Startled by the pulse of lightning, hold your breath in the lavender-gray stillness that will be swallowed by the thunder.

3. You can tell from his stirring that the little child will wake up in about four minutes. Feel his warmth, the limbs and muscles relaxed into the curve of your soft belly, and breathe with his breaths.

4. Feel the base beat and drum bewitch your muscles into movement ancient and urgent.

5. Push the flat of your hand into the bare sun-warmed soil between rows of carrot seedlings. Push until you find the cool, damp earth that still sleeps in its shadows.

6. Stop putting away the laundry when you see the cat stretching on his back in the sunbeam on the carpet. Do exactly what the cat does, lengthening each finger, vertebrae, toe and tailbone, then close your eyes and stare into the orange glow behind your eyelids.

7. Though you have been kissing for 17 years, hold this kiss and feel the texture of lip, of breath on cheek, the smell of a body that is home.


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