Around the Corner: 4.25.16

Posted by: jade crystal harmon

What will I find around the corner?
a dream faded from the night, suddenly in sharp focus
the smell of rain on a warm gust
the name of that co-worker I forgot at the grocery store last week
the germ that will find its way in
a sparrow trapped in the shed
the idea that will spark a downpour of adjectives
a bill for $76.67
a squishy something underfoot
a perfect skipping stone
a pine tree sagging with crows
an opened bud, pale petals outstretched in the cold
a photograph from twenty-three years ago that squeezes my lungs
an infatuation with spicy cocoa
a zygote, dividing and subdividing in soft darkness
a snow flurry on a Tuesday
the lost red slipper



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