What happens in the afternoons: 4.11.16

Posted by:  Stephen A. Washkevich

12:30. Meeting is finally over.  Pile of work. Spent too much time talking, talking, talking. Should put up a clock that measures time in dollars. Show how expensive these meetings are. We would pile drive through the chit chat if that was ticking by instead of seconds. Guess it’s all part of the game. Whatever.

I’ve got to eat.

What do you mean it doesn’t work?  No.  They don’t understand physics Carl.  No, we’re not going to take it back.  Fine I’ll write them an e-mail, but first I’ve got to finish off these quotes before…

Are you busy?  Can you come take a look at this?

No, it’s fine. There’s no spec that says we need to keep track of the color. Sure, I’ll sign it.

1:30. Bang, bang, bang! You’re all set George, Tina and Scott.

Hey sweetheart. How’s your day going? Got an hour before I have to go get the…

Do you have time for a conference call? They want to know why it can’t work sideways.

Sure let’s do this.

Oh you see what you need is reflection, and not transmission. We can’t really do that. Yeah I’ll write it up. You’re welcome. Have a good day!

2:30. Shit, I’ve got to push this pile of paragraphs out into the internet in twenty minutes, and fly like a bolt of lighting to…

2:58. Send. Done. Flap. Pack. Keys. Have a good night, call me if you need anything!

3:05. PAPA! I miss you! Hold me! I need milk! Knock Knock? Banana! Orange! ROBOT!

4:25. I spy with my little eye something that is blue…The sky?? YES! Your turn!

4:35. All right I’m going to make dinner you guys hang out? Play-doh? Yeah you got it!

4:40. Can you make an alligator for me? ME TOO! ME TOO! ME TOO!

OK, two alligators.  You’re welcome.  I love you too.

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