Chakra Study: 02.29.2016

Crown: for me, inspiration is becoming the sunlit bottle that can only be filled because it’s been emptied…

chakra7a - Copy

Third eye: for me, seeing clearly often requires a different perspective…

chakra6a - Copy

Throat: for me, whatever keeps us from speaking our truth is always a smaller chain than we imagine…

chakra5a - Copy

Heart: for me, meeting your match fits like a yes, glove, in really soft suede, in a color you never thought you’d wear but just works…

chakra4a - Copy

Solar plexus: for me, personal power is not something to be held inside but held open and shared like an old locket…

chakra3a - Copy

Sacral: for me, intimacy is a fabric bold yet thin that covers and reveals…

chakra2a - Copy

Root: for me, survival is a box with its lock removed but nearby…

chakra1a - Copy

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