Leaving a trace…

A trace is defined as:

/trās/ Noun: A mark, object, or other indication of the existence or passing of something

Here we will mark the passing of Winter, as a love letter written in images. It starts here, on the longest night, when we simultaneously celebrate the re-birth of the sun and prepare for the coldest months of the year.

These images will be shared from the lenses of seven photographers, posting from varied locations and environments, representing southern Vermont, Maine, Brooklyn, central California, northern California and Montreal.

We’ll write this letter through the scope of weekly topics, and see how the story unfolds, how disparate or similar our musings and interpretations prove to be…a blind and beautiful journey from the darkness into the growing light of Winter.

This week, our topic is “Gathering.” The beginning of the season is marked with the gathering of loved ones, the gathering of firewood, the gathering of one’s resolve. Stay tuned for daily posts exploring the ways we Gather in this first week of Winter.

You can find information about our Winter 2013 contributors HERE.

The image journey begins on Saturday…

A merry Solstice to you all, and thank you for joining us!

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