Fruition: 09.01.2015

Garlic & Onion: A Love Story

fruition1 - Copy


fruition2 - Copy


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Posted by Gabriella

At Rest: 08.30.15

At Rest: 08.26.2015


Posted by: Michelle

At Rest: 08.25.2015

Things you find along the trail when you stop to look…

atrest1bw - Copy


atrest2bw - Copy

Posted by Gabriella.

Rising and Setting: 08.21.15

Posted by: Shannon

rising1web   setting2web

Each and every one, in turn.

Rising and Setting: 08.19.2015


Posted by: Michelle

Rising and Setting: 08.18.15

So few grains of happiness
measured against all the dark
and still the scales balance.

(J. Hirshfield from “The Weighing”)

risingsetting - Copy

Posted by Gabriella.

Crossroads: 08.14.15

Posted by: Shannon


Sometimes the crossroads looks like the Mother, extending her elemental arms to embrace you.

Crossroads: 08.12.15

Change happens slowly. Things shift and settle. You have to make the choice to invoke the change. I am standing at a crossroads. Instead of looking ahead or looking behind, I am choosing to look up. 

Crossroads: 08.11.2015

New life begins at the meeting of roads…

crossorads1 - Copy

Posted by Gabriella.


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