Weather We Like It Or Not: 03.31.15

I’ll take “Things I’d Rather Die Than See Outside My Window on a Spring Morning” for 1000, Alex.


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In Like a Lamb: 03.28.15

In Like a Lamb: 03.23.15

They say that if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb. Hereabouts, it’s just the same lion…








Awakening: 03.21.15

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Awakening: 03.17.2015

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IMGP8487 - Copy

Beneath the Surface: 03.15.15

Beneath the Surface: 03.09.2015

surface1 - Copy

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Pick A Color, Any Color: 03.07.15

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Even subtle tones, as the stark contrast of snow and empty branches lingers, are nourishment for my color-starved eyes.

03.03.2015: Pick a Color, Any Color

This most colorless time of year I wish I had a bottle of green, so I picked Green, direct from the bottle.

green1 - Copy


green2 - Copy


green3 - Copy


green4 - Copy


green5 - Copy

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Hunger: 02.24.15

Hunger….what drives you to the fridge that still doesn’t have what you really want

hunger1 - Copy

Hunger…what drives you to the peephole of the door when what’s coming down the hall is not for you

hunger2 - Copy

Hunger…what makes you close tighter around yourself when you can’t keep the emptiness from growing

hunger3 - Copy

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