Fractal: 2.2.2016

Because this year began with cracks and shadows. It got better.

fractal - Copy


fractal2 - Copy

Posted by Gabriella.


Deep Into Night: 01.26.2016

Otherwise known as the start of my day…

deep - Copy

Posted by Gabriella.

Glowing: 01.22.16

Posted by: Shannon



winter sky savasana


Glowing: 01.19.2016

On a snowy walk in the pre-dawn light..

glowing1 - Copy


glowing2 - Copy


glowing3 - Copy

Posted by Gabriella.

Brittle: 01.12.2016

Beauty in the broken…

brittle1 - Copy


brittle2 - Copy


brittle3 - Copy


brittle4 - Copy


brittle5 - Copy

Posted by Gabriella.

Restless: 1.5.2016

When it’s suddenly single digits, restless photographers stay indoors and let the windows do the artmaking…

restless1 - Copy


restless2 - Copy


restless3 - Copy


restless4 - Copy

Posted by Gabriella

Black and White: 01.01.15

Posted by: Shannon



I woke this morning to find I live on the moon.

Black & White: 12.29.2015

Summer memories on a wintry morning…

bw - Copy


bw2 - Copy


bw3 - Copy


bw4 - Copy

Release: 12.22.2015

In that between time of one season released and the next awaited…

release - Copy

Posted by Gabriella.

Tucked In: 12.20.15

Posted by: Shannon






…until Springtime.


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